“A nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground; then it is finished, no matter how brave its warriors or how strong their weapons.”  The Mighty Cheyenne Native American Nation

“Milán International School Scholars is Genius, Ambitious and Long Overdue!  The Honorable Dr. Adelaide Sanford, Elder, NYC Regent

Escolares Internacionales – International Scholars – What we THINK of ourselves determines our destiny!

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Dear Ms. Fátimah,  I hope you are well.  Thank you for teaching me so much.  I will remember your words.  They had a great affect.  I won’t give up and I’ll remember to practice speaking aloud.  I’m  going back to Korea.  I shall miss you.  Please take care of yourself.  Sincerely, your student
K. Choi

To Sra. Armorer (best teacher)

Some say that you are an overboard teacher.  I say that you are an excellent teacher.  I am honored just to be in your presence every morning.  I am writing you this letter to simply say Thank you.  I want to say thank you for all the knowledge that you have given me as a student. You have always taught us as students that no man is better than the next, it’s just how they use the resources that they have.

As I write this letter I am almost in tears because I don’t think you know how important you are in so many people’s lives.  I know that you are not at XYZ High School for the money.  I feel the passion you have when you are teaching us; I hear the passion when you teach us not just one language, but many.  Having you as a teacher is the highlight of my senior year!  Mrs. Armorer, did you know that you can teach other subjects such as literature and social studies at different levels.  Each day we walk out of your class, we know that we have been taught Spanish, a little bit about our ancestry and how to write a college essay.

Even though we may not show our appreciation towards you, we really do appreciate you.  As you accept this gift that we are giving to you, I want you to know that I LOVE YOU!  And so should the whole world.  Love Monica (best student!

“Ms. Lisa Fátimah, You make me brave.” Yiseul

Scholar of Seoul, South Korea



Dear Ms. Fátimah,  Long time no see.  How are you?!  I’m great!  It has been a pleasure knowing you.  I learned how to enjoy everything after I met you.  When you told me to enjoy studying by reading everything and things that interested me, it had a good effect (especially when everyone else told me not to).  Here’s a little something to express my gratitude.  Happy Thanksgiving Day!  Ye-in

Señora Armorer,

 This time in your class has been amazing.  In the beginning of course I was a little curious about this class but it all worked out.  Señora. Armorer you were the highlight of my sophomore year.  Jambo! was refreshing and soothing to my soul.  The articles we read about, the different people and challenges they faced in other countries opened my eyes to see f ar beyond what I see here in America.  To see them struggling but managing to make it was awesome.  I also enjoyed doing the plays and fashion shows in Spanish, they brought out the best in me.  Overall I enjoyed your class and I wish you and your family all of the love in the world.  Breanna


Señora. Armorer,

 Hello!  !Hola!  I enjoyed your class again for the 2nd time and it’s been a pleasure working and talking with you.   I’ve learned a lot of Spanish this semester and also about life itself.  You are a really good teacher as well as one of my favorites in 10th grade.  I just really enjoyed having you.  I hope you will have a great, safe and beautiful summer with your friends and family.  You played a big part in my life.  I love you.  You’re amazing!  Sincerely, Janice


¿Qué  pa’?   Sra. Armorer, This is Liya from the graduating class of 09. I wanted to email  you to thank you.  Firstly, as a teacher I thank you because I decided to major in marketing and Spanish. Everything you taught me helped so much!  I took a placement test for Spanish at my school, [XYZ] University, and I placed into the highest level of Spanish, two classes before language fluency.  Because you’re such an outstanding teacher, you saved me about $3,000, maybe even more than that! I’m still working on communication skills, however.  I’m understanding the conversations and learning now how to reply back quicker.  I guess I worry too much about the conjugation of the verbs.

I will be studying abroad in South America or Central America to help me become an even better Spanish speaker, I haven’t decided the country yet. You would be proud of me Sra. Armorer.   As a freshman I received a 3.8 GPA and joined several clubs.  I would love to speak to your classes about how important Spanish is and even what to expect in college.

I also wanted to thank you for being there for me as mother figure.  I lost my mother years ago and no one has been able to step up in my life and help me as a mother would.  You, however, made the biggest impact in my life, in ways you probably don’t even know. You showed me how a woman is supposed to act.

Before you, I looked at TV to  learn how to be a woman. Because of you, I became a woman. I could never repay you for all you have done for me. I could never forget about you. You were that person in my life that had such an affect on me that you will be eternally engraved in my heart.  I hope we can keep in touch.  I love you, and I thank you Sra. Armorer. You are the epitome of what a teacher, and a woman should be. God puts everyone on this Earth for a reason, and I am so sure he put you on this Earth for me. Thank you   Love, Liya.  P.S.  I included a picture of me in case you forgot who I am.  


Señora. Armorer,  Jambo!  Thank you.  I appreciate everything you did.  Kari


 Señora. Armorer,

I’ve learned so much in your class.  Thank you.  Rita


 Sra. Armorer,

You rock!  Don’t ever change!  You are one of my favorite teachers.  Lauren


Sra. Armorer,

I will love you forever and the information you taught will forever live in my heart.  Kalthom, President Elect, International Club, USA/Ethiopia/Somalia


 Hi Sra. Armorer,

This is King and I would like to say that everything you said and taught about the importance of spelling Spanish words correctly, putting accent marks in the correct location, and the conjugation of “vosotros” verbs is absolutely true.

Those things you emphasized nearly everyday [in my Spanish 2 and 3 classes], especially spelling Spanish words correctly and putting accent marks in the correct location, are REALLY important because Spanish college professors grade harshly on spelling and accent placement errors. Don’t think that you’re just giving out “extra” information, because my college professor was really impressed (believe or not) by my spelling knowledge and also by me knowing the locations and capitals of Spanish speaking countries that you taught us (we were tested on that as well).   Continue to impart your knowledge on Spanish language and culture.

THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, King, Ogelthorpe University Student


Hi.   Ms. Armorer this is Dominique.   I just wanted to say hi and to see how you were doing and how was school going for you so far this year.   I just wanted to tell you thank you for all of your support and advice.   I am back on track and so are my grades and I am also back into my right state of mind.

I now attend XYZ High School and its alright for now. Next semester I am going to take a business class and I have changed my major form Marine Biology to Physiology and I was thinking about attending Emory University to do so if I do not go out of state. I started my Spanish 2 class but I changed it to an online class because the teacher I had was not you. She was sometimes wrong on things and I had to correct her and she didn’t give the history of the words and cu l t ure.  It was like she would teach what she was supposed to and nothing else.

I really miss you and I have never had a teacher that has had so much impact on my life. I look up to you as a beautiful and intelligent women. Once again thank you!!! And hope to talk and to see you soon!!!!

Love, Dominique


HOLA Señora Armorer,

We had an Area Studies lesson today about Israeli foreign relations. It was very enlightening and reminded me of the day we had a mock-U.N. summit in your Spanish 3 class. I never would have thought that the effects of trying to become a “global citizen” in your class would last. BUT THEY DID! And I’m~very glad to say that it will stay with me for a lifetime.

All is well with me! I hope your new class is going great!  Great Scholar


Hola (well, its Shalom now)

How was your Thanksgiving?! I’m sure the baby had a good time! Well, school here is going really well.  My teachers say I’m~a natural (of course) and I have the potential to become a GREAT linguist. I told them it was because of a certain Spanish teacher I had during my Senior year in High~school. Hopefully you found someone just as good as me (though I doubt it). I hope all is well with you! I’ll be home for Christmas~just in case you decide to stay in Georgia!



“I haven’t had this much fun since I was in Kindergarten.” Great Scholar


“What I like best about this class is that the Sra. Armorer got everyone involved in the class and didn’t leave anyone out.” Great Scholar


“This class was very hands on, exciting and creative. I liked doing the commercials in Spanish and being on camera.” Great Scholar


“I liked the fact that we were able to be creative and work together as a team. I am best at sight translations.” Great Scholar


Mrs. Armorer,

Being in your class is a joy.  I appreciate your hard work and willingness to help us strive.  Most teachers give up on their students and belittle them.  But you want us to be the cream of the crop and to be great.  I also appreciate you when you come to school sick and still have a positive spirit.  We need more teachers to care about their students like you do.  I just want to say thank you!

Sincerely,  Audreana, Great Scholar


Mrs. Armorer,

I really appreciate all that you do.  Although I might work your nerves and treat you wrong and say bad things, I still show respect. I really love the way you teach and do what’s helpful for us to be scholars.  I love this class so much that I have learned “Jambo” (Kiswahili) and all that’s said.  I might not show it a lot, but know in your mind and soul that I do thank you and wish to learn more to be successful and learn other languages.  Amber, Great Scholar


Dear Mrs. Armorer,

I would like to thank you for taking out the time and teaching us.  Although we may get you frustrated we appreciate you.  I also want to thank you for caring and making us better individuals.  You made my first high school experience enjoyable.  At first I was nervous (leaving home school), but because of you, you made me comfortable.  I love coming to your class in the morning because just being around you lets me know that I can make it in life.  I can’t think of anything else to say, so I’ll end the letter saying thank you and I love you!   Nicole, Great Scholar


Mrs. Armorer,

Thank you for being there for me, teaching me and having me in your class.  It’s been a great pleasure to have you as a teacher.  Thank you.  China, Great Scholar


Good Morning Mrs. Armorer,

I have been trying to get back to Stone Mountain to visit you but things have just been hectic. I’m trying to balance being a new mother, a fulltime student and working a part time job. I’m starting to believe I’m attempting to accomplish too much, too soon.  But that’s not why I’m writing this morning. I wanted to thank you for every kind word, every piece of advice, and just for being there. You went above and beyond your job as an instructor for me and I will forever be grateful!  Students should be more grateful for the sacrifices instructors make. You all don’t have to take the time away f rom your families, but you do. This world is better for it.

Thank you again!

**I attached the latest photo of my daughter. She’s changed my life!**

T. Morse – Great Scholar and Great mother!


Buenos Días,

I hope you remember one of your favorite students from [ABC SCHOOL] from two years ago.    If not, hopefully this name might ring a bell…”Alejandro.”    Ever since you left, things have not been quite the same.  You always had a way of brightening a person’s day.

Been doing a lot of drama these years.   Our next performance is a musical by Stephen Sondheim.   If you would like to come see it, please do. It would be nice to see you again.  Also a few students (mostly seniors) would like to know if you would be able to come to our graduation. I  just thought that you of all my Spanish teachers, have had the greatest impact on me.

I just wanted to say hello and hope you are doing very well. If you would like to come to Graduation, I will send you the information regarding which day it is.   We all really miss you Sra. Armorer.

Adiós,  Alejandro (Alex)


Lisa creates one of the most dynamic and engaging multi-sensory classroom environments for traditional and

learning challenged students alike. She is that rare combination of integrity, scholarship, creativity and determination.  Lisa exemplifies the best in the teaching profession.” Martha E. Hennington, Ed.D, Brooklyn College


Ms. Armorer is a dedicated, responsible, reliable, energetic professional committed to providing the best possible value to whatever constituency is relying upon her. She takes her profession and her life seriously without sacrificing her sense of humor or compassion.  She would be a tremendous asset to any organization trying to build excellence.”   Tuvyah Terry Aronoff, Esq., Schwell, Wimpfheimer & Associates LLP,


“Lisa-Fátimah Armorer’s energy, dedication, and creativity were characteristics that we depended upon greatly—and were never disappointed. She is a natural leader, teacher and administrator. Her statistical documentation was a crucial and mandatory element necessary in the early stages of our petition for national accreditation. Under Ms. Armorer’s leadership as Director, the Office of Admissions and Advancement proved to be the most efficient, organized and assertive divisions facilitating a year-round admissions policy.”  Professor Robert D’Agostino, Esq. Former Dean/CEO John Marshall Law School [JMLS received provisional American Bar Association approval 14 February 2005]


“Ms. Armorer is a very sensitive, caring and competent facilitator. It is an honor to recommend her for any position of great responsibility.” Hurl R. Taylor, Jr., Ph.D., J.D. , Director of Legal Aid Clinic, John Marshall Law School, Atlanta


“Ms. Armorer is the embodiment of unwavering dedication, energy, diplomacy and creativity. She is one of the very best gifts to the Academy.” Roger L. Green, The Assembly State of New York, Albany


“Lisa-Fátimah Armorer represents the very best in education. She is one of our finest bilingual educators, who continues her family’s 35 year tradition of educating the community.” Albert Vann, City Council Member, 36th District, Brooklyn, New York


“Ms. Armorer has a pleasing demeanor and working with her was enjoyable. I am pleased to give her the highest recommendation, and would certainly call on her again in the future, should the need arise.” William M. Poole, Esq., President, Board of Directors, World Trade Center, Atlanta


“Ms. Armorer, organized, stylish, articulate and eloquent, is quite frankly one of the most remarkably competent professionals I have ever known. David B. Meltz, Esq., Former Academic Dean, John Marshall Law School



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